Meet the Community Tennis Programme Coaching Team. Chris, Jack M, Jack L, Amy Paul, Darren,  Andy, James, Adam,  Merel, Joel, Amy, Tim, Finn, Missy & Grace coach both adult and junior courses and sessions, and also offer private coaching lessons 1:1 (or in a group of up to 4 players.

A 1-hour lesson on an indoor or grass court is £50 and  £45 on an outdoor court. 

Please email for more information or contact the coaches directly to discuss their availability.



Jack Lane

Jack was selected to join the WJTI following a visit to his school in 2001. He prides himself on a coaching style that is very much game based and making sure players understand how and why they are playing each shot. He has a flexible and personal approach to every session striving to find the unique teaching point to elevate each player's game, regardless of their playing standard. In previous roles he was head coach of both a community programme and in a more performance environment at Effingham Schools Tennis Academy.

Jack is an LTA level 4 Licensed Club Coach and can be contacted on 07779 547490


Darren Stanford

Darren started playing tennis at the age of 6 when he was selected by the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative to take part in their coaching programme at the AELTC. In 2011 he joined the WJTI coaching team and as well as coaching squads at the weekend he takes part in weekly visits to state schools in Merton and Wandsworth to deliver tennis sessions to primary children.  He has been part of the AELTC Community Tennis Programme since it opened to the public in September 2017.

Darren is an LTA Level 4 Senior Club Coach and can be contacted on 07890 770291.


James Trayling

James started playing tennis at 8 years old after being scouted during a tennis PE lesson at school. He played competitively for 12 years before moving into coaching at Sutton Tennis Academy. He then moved to The Parklangley Club where he coached full time for 8 years before joining the AELTC Community Tennis Programme in September 2019. He prides himself on being ambidextrous for demonstrations!

James is an LTA Level 4 Senior Performance Coach and can be contacted on  07734 385356.